I'm Kiley.

22 years old while still feeling 12 on the daily. Married to my best friend (see photo :)) (also an insanely talented videographer) Currently living near the heart of St. Paul, one of my favorite cities ever. I'll sing & dance to just about any song, have approximately 12 shades of lipstick in my purse at a time, and take pride in drinking over a gallon of water a day… lol. I love good food, taco tuesdays (cuz margaritas), and claiming to be a raging extrovert while still being the one to always suggest hanging at home. I’m obsessed with dogs and love booping their noses. If I ever find myself with even 3 days off, you better believe I'll be hopping on the cheapest flight to go see something new. I loveeee traveling, but I'm the most excited to come home and dive into my bed #napsarelife.

Also a professional third wheel, anddd that’s where you come in. ✨