22 years old while still feeling 12 on the daily. Currently living near the heart of St. Paul, one of my favorite cities ever. I'll sing & dance to just about any song, have approximately 12 shades of lipstick in my purse at a time, and take pride in drinking over a gallon of water a day… lol. I love good food, taco tuesdays (cuz margaritas), and claiming to be a raging extrovert while still being the one to always suggest hanging at home. I’m obsessed with dogs and love booping their noses. If I ever find myself with even 3 days off, you better believe I'll be hopping on the cheapest flight to go see something new. I loveeee traveling, but I'm the most excited to come home and dive into my bed #napsarelife.

Also a professional third wheel, anddd that’s where you come in. ✨


Coffee addict, coffee shop addict, coffee technique addict… get the point? Ok but seriously, he loves coffee. Scott’s perfect day off would probably include coffee tastings at the local hip shops. Passionate about Minneapolis + St. Paul but also loves checking out new cities. On a typical wedding day, Scott is the guy who is making friends with the groomsmen and telling the groom it’s okay to cry on their wedding day. He helps keeps things organized, on time, and gives you a killer video that you can watch for years and years to come. #winwinwin.

The best part about hiring us both is that we work together really freaking well. After all, we’ve been thru this crazy wedding thing too!