Erik & Heather

Oh man, these two. This was one of my first winter weddings, and I loveddd it. So beautiful. It brought a whole new sense of light and joy into the deep months of cold and dreary-ness. In the very first email Heather sent me she said this: "Erik is the love of my life! We truly are best friends! We will bring together a blended family of 4 kids and the are all so thrilled to become one big family." I knew when I read that, I was going to love them. They are the sweetest couple. They love each other so so much, and their children no less. I had such a great time photographing their big day. Erik and Heather, thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer. I enjoyed it so much, you guys are the best. I wish you and your (adorable) new family all the best.