NV, UT & AZ | December | Personal Post

Back earlier in 2016, probably around May or so, my roommate and I found ourselves drooling over Jordan Voth's work. Not only his work, but more specifically the pictures he took at Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon. We literally both added these places to our imaginary bucket lists, and continued drooling over his work... little did we know, 6 months later we'd plan a trip to go see these places in real life. Going on this trip was one of the highlights of 2016. I am so in love with the beauty of seeing new things. I love being in awe, I love feeling small, I love love love new things. From Zion National Park, to Antelope Canyon, to Horseshoe Bend, Las Vegas, the mountains... and back to MN, we had the best time. Not only am I grateful for this trip but also for such an incredible friend. I love you Bree.