calling all juniors!

JUNIORS. Can I just say, I know this is going to my absolute favorite set of juniors-going-on-seniors grad pictures I'm going to take. You know why? Because I am also going to be a senior in a few months, and I am ECSTATIC. I'm really hoping for some dang cool people to let me shoot them!

But in all serious-ness, it's coming up fast, and I know a lot of people like to put these aside until fall or even until they're about to graduate, but spring and summer after you finish junior year are the best time for your pictures to be done.

This year, I'm doing senior pictures a little different. I have three different package options, staring at $150. I'm excited to have more options in a package for you guys to chose from! Aside from the package options, I'm going to be having a cities waiting list for senior pictures. Although this may seem a little unnecessary, I had a lot of people I had to turn down last year in the cities. I only have time for so many sessions, and in order to keep track of the people waiting and to make it fair so you don't have to wait for ever, there will be a waiting list. Please please email me to get on this waiting list. Even if you don't know when or where you'd like your pictures, it'd be great to get your name on the list.

In the mean time, feel free to scroll back through last years senior pictures.
Be aware of very warm weather.