I'm Kiley.

Almost college grad, while still feeling 12 on the daily. Currently living between Duluth and St Paul. If I were to plan my perfect day, it'd probably start with Starbucks and end watching the sunset either over the water, or with a fabulous view of the city (Skyline Parkway in Duluth!) I'll dance to pretty much anything, and I can't promise I won't know any of the words to any given song. I'm in love with life. I am fascinated with humans. I love coffee, lunch, ice cream (basically any) dates.  I believe puppies were meant to cheer us up at any given moment, and that sleeping for over 8 hours is a waste of time.... but I do love naps. If I ever find myself with a solid 5 days off, you better believe I'll be hopping on the cheapest flight to go see something new. I believe every day has a purpose, no days are wasted, and life is one big crazy, BEAUTIFUL adventure. I can't wait to meet you & work with you. Until then, so long friends!